Reviews: Verdi, REQUIEM

"Alone DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS' profound and disciplined Bass kept the difficult balance between inner religious fervor and the more mundane al fresco scenario of the last judgment."
RHEINISCHE POST, M. Nobis, Düsseldorf, Germany
"DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS' Bass is an impressive blend of Belcanto and spirituality."
Dita von Szadkowski, WESTDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, Düsseldorf, Germany
"DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS effortlessly mastered his part with the splendid, full basso profundo of an experienced Russian Orthodox Kantor."
Dirk Richerdt, RHEINISCHE POST, Düsseldorf, Germany
"With DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS Breidenstein had a stroke of luck. WILLIAMS has an operatic ornamented sound. His basso profundo radiated the warmth of a Phillip (Ella giammai m'amo) but at the same time was capable of wrapping himself in the darkness of the Grand Inquisitors."
Ingeborg Schwenke-Runkel, KÖLNER ZEITUNG, Cologne, Germany
"The bass DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS interpreted his part perfectly, reacted quickly when Kreizberg with tempo changes wobbled a bit with the huge musical apparatus."
Johannes Gluch, WESTDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, Düsseldorf, Germany