...more incisive the presence - scenically and vocally of DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS in the role of King Marke...a bass voice of noble color with a round wonderful sonorous low register.
Stephen Hastings, LA REPUBBLICA, Milano, Italien
The best of the entire "Tristan" production was the beautifully sung King Marke of DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS. This is a basso of enormous expressive strength.
Francesco Colombo, CORRIERE DELLA SERA, Genua, Italien
DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS sang the role of King Marke with his beautiful basso and superlative low register. This was a most touching performance, honoured with great applause!
Claudio Tempo, IL SECOLO XIX, Genua, Italien
DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS pleased not only with his powerful basso-profundo but sang a King Marke with perfect German diction. His teachers were Kurt Böhme and Kurt Moll.
Mitteilungen der Deutschen Richard-Wagner-Gesellschaft Nr. 15
with maestro bernett
Daniel Lewis Williams
with Maestro Bernett and Karen Huffstadt (Isolde)