... unfortunately not all the singers were as vocally convincing as DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS, Hagen, and Alberich, Hartmut Welker. Williams' powerful and sumptuous black bass was perfect for the sinister character of Hagen.
Francois-Xaver Carrelet, LE PAVE, Paris, France
DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS took complete possession of the formidable role of Hagen.
Georges Farret, SEMANAINE DES SPECTACLES, Marseille, France
... and extremely impressive the Hagen of DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS ... the dialogue with Alberich, Hartmut Welker, at the center of the opera was from all points of view the high point of the performance.
Simonne Serret, LA MARSEILLAISE, Marseille, France
Die Walküre, with the wonderfully sonorous American bass, Daniel Lewis Williams, as a scary Hunding, the girl's actual husband. He later added an equally gripping Hagen.
Ian Fox, THE SUNDAY TRIBUNE, Dublin, Ireland
Alberich's ill-conceived son Hagen was sonorously, chillingly conveyed by the in real life so genial Daniel Lewis Williams, earlier Die Walküre's brutish Hunding.
Christopher Morley, BIRMINGHAM POST, UK
The Hagen of DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS is excellent!
Les Nouvelles Publications, Paris, France