The most impressive baso-profundo, DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS, presented a gorgeous black voice, cavernous in sound and easily descending to a low E. His acting is totally believable and striking. The vocal production of this singer-actor is of rare perfection with a Mozartien dignity, evoking Italian style theater which was joyfully devoured by the audience. In addition, Williams, would be an ideal interpreter of the roles such as Marcel in LE HUGUENOTS or the dark roles such as Hagen or Fafner (for which Mr. Williams is already internationally known) or the "Visionaries" such as Dossifej in CHOWANSCHTSCHINA. Williams is a master at portraying the emotional and psychological nuances of a role which, with his warmly human voice, enables him to move his audience to a deep emotional response.
Etienne Müller, ResMusica.com, Musique Classique, Paris, France
The singer-comedian, DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS, created a Falstaff of formidable stature and vocal presence, a round and truthful portrayal of the great legendary Shakespearian figure.
OUEST FRANCE, Paris, France