The powerful basso-profundo of DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS was a very impressive Fafner ...
Michel Alexandre, LA PROVENCE, Marseille, France
... more interesting than the six visible protagonists was the splendid basso-profundo of DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS as the dragon Fafner.
Simonne Serret, LA MARSEILLAISE, Marseille
Most admirable, the American DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS, who, after having been the central figure of the Strauss success as the wonderful dashing Ochs, has equaled this notable and polished performance as the cavernous black voice of Fafner.
Danilo Boli, MESSAGERO VENETO, Venice, Italy
DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS was a "cavernous" Fafner!
Fabio Vidali, LA VOCE DEL POPOLO, Trieste, Italy
... while DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS recently much admired in "Rosenkavalier" from Strauss had the wonderful dark bass timbre for Fafner.
Claudio Gherbitz, IL PICCOLO, Rome, Italien


DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS was stupendous as the giant Fafner!
Carmelo die Gennaro, IL SOLE, 24 Ore, Rome, Italy
DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS sang again with Sinopoli with his powerful cavernous bass giving great accent to the role of Fafner.
Avvenire, Rome, Italy