With the appearance of DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS as Eremit the performance of "Freischütz" from Carl Maria von Weber finally gained the momentum and excitement that we had waited for in vain until then. Not only his outstanding vocal material, a splendid "black" bass which conveys authority, produced this effect but also the greatly impressive impact of his performance filled the action on stage with excitement which centered itself around the singer.
Klaus Jokic, RHEINISCHE POST, Düsseldorf, Germany
As earlier in Bonn with Kurt Moll, Heyes' "Freischütz" now has again an Eremit to offer who positively influences the musical climate of the entire finale: DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS.
Matthias Norquet, OPERNWELT, int. opera magazine
The Eremit has a special significance in this production under the direction of Heyse. DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS strengthened this impression not only through his powerful appearance but also with the powerful voice to match it. His voluminous and clear voice even had in places a balsamic timbre.
U. Ruhnke, DAS OPERNGLAS, int. opera magazine
... in contrast DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS' Eremit with his powerful, flowing Bass was the surprise of the evening!
Gerhard Fehrer, ORPHEUS, int. opera magazine
The character which dominates the action in this "Freischütz" are not the main roles but ... DANIEL LEWIS WILLIAMS with an impressive black Bass voice as Eremit.
Wulf Kannegiesser, NEUE RHEINZEITUNG, Zeitung for Düsseldorf, Germany