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01.08.2005   (10:41:44)
Peter Zinck
Email: pz@privat.dk
Have just seen your Palermo Ochs on my labtop during a train ride through my native Denmark. Though aged only 34 Ive known Resenkavalier all my life and have seen it many times on stage. I\'d like to compliment You on your Ochs - a fine and very personal portrait of one of this comic yet psycologically quite interesting character. Hope to get to see you live som time. Yours Peter Z
31.07.2005   (11:29:06)
Estjer & Joachim Laupp
Email: laupp@bodhifee-whippets.de
Homepage: http://www.bodhifee-whippets.de
Guten Tag Herr Williams und Familie,

Wir hoffen Ihnen und Ihrer Familie geht es gut !
Unsere Fee hat Babys bekommen, Sieben auf einen Streich !
Wenn Sie möchten, dann besuchen Sie uns doch mal auf unsere neuen Homepage: www.bodhifee-whippets.de !
Am kommenden Mittwoch, 03.August muss ich beruflich für zwei Wochen nach Okinawa/Japan reisen!
Jens wird mich zum ersten mal unter anderen begleiten!

Liebe Grüße
Esther & Joachim Laupp + die BODHIFEEs
13.03.2005   (14:22:53)
Esther & Joachim Laupp
Email: sensei@shorinryu.de
Homepage: http://www.bodhifee-whippets.de
Einen wunderschönen guten Tag Herr Williams,

Ihre Homepage gefällt uns sehr gut, Jens hat das prima gemacht!
Wir hoffen das es Ihnen und Ihrer Familie gut geht, und wir wünschen Ihnen weiterhin großen Erfolg!

Mit den besten Wünschen,
Esther & Joachim Laupp
28.12.2004   (01:44:18)
Richard Larsen
Email: rllarsen@bresnan.net
Dear Lewis, We have so enjoyed your music while here in Billings, Montana when you have visited. I echo those who would love to have you sing in the United States. Your music is inspiring to both young and old, those who know music and those who really do not, those who listen intently and those who enjoy the opportunity to sit back - close their eyes - and savor the rich tones of the true artist. When teenage boys stop playing basketball to listen to you rehearsing you know their is something special. We continue to wish you well in your career and your life. Former Mayor - Billings Montana
28.12.2004   (00:09:34)
Ruhi saruhan
Email: ruhis@waterslager.org
Homepage: http://www.waterslager.org
D.L. Williams is one of the greatest people I have met in my life. I wish him very best and it is a big honor to be a friend of him and his lovely family. This Site is wonderful too. That is quite normal for him…
22.12.2004   (15:10:51)
GertJan Moen
Email: gjmoen@wanadoo.nl
Homepage: http://
Dear Mr. Williams,

I\'m singing in \'Hermitage\' a mixed choir who sings Russian repertoire. I\'m very impressed by the low voices in the Russian music. So I found a piece of P. Chesnokov named \'Do Not Forsake Me\' and I heard a Basso Profundo.
I search on Internet and I found only one Basso Profundo and that was YOU. At once I became a fan of YOU.
Thank You for YOUR voice and music. When I write this I listen to Wasserflüte a beatifull piece.
Your homepage is a beatifull masterpiece en I shal come here often.
Sorry for my bad writing of the English language.
Many Greetings from Heemskerk in the Netherlands.
Yours Sinserely,

GertJan Moen
17.12.2004   (13:04:07)
Homepage: http://
Eine sehr schöne Homepage, mit sehr viel Einblick in Ihre Arbeit. Weiter so und viel Erfolg im Leben und einen sehr lieben Gruß an die Familie
17.12.2004   (00:30:40)
Nico Wouterse
Email: taragota@hotmail.com
Homepage: http://
Gratuliere! Eine sehr schöne Homepage wo man mit Vergügen reinschaut...
28.09.2004   (22:35:25)
Judith Windsor
Dear Mr. Williams,I have been fortunate enough to hear your glorious voice on several occasions in the opera houses of Europe. Why are we not seeing you in the opera houses of America? So many opera lovers in America are waiting to hear you. By whom are you represented in The United States? What is he or she doing for you? Not much it would appear - at least as far as The United States is concerned. You should be singing in your home country as often as your schedule allows! With all good wishes, Yours sincerely, Judith Windsor
08.04.2004   (18:02:28)
Georg Röskenbleck (Stadtlohner Männerchor)
Email: service@stadtlohner-maennerchor.de
Homepage: http://stadtlohner-maennerchor.de
Sehr geehrter Herr Daniel Lewis Williams, Glückwunsch zu Ihrer Homepage. Wir haben im Frühlings 2002 das Konzert gerne mit Ihnen durchgeführt und erinnern uns gerne immer wieder an dieses unvergeßliche Erlebnis.
Weiterhin viel Erfolg! Die allerherzlichsten Grüße aus Stadtlohn (Westf.) von Ihrem
Stadtlohner Männerchor 1922 e.V.

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